Biometric Systems

IRIS Based Security Solution

The iris is protected by the cornea, is less prone to damage, it remains stable over the span of a person’s lifetime, its unique living structures and crypts make it an inherently stable and secure tool that delivers the utmost in accuracy.

No other measurable part of a person’s anatomy, beyond DNA, offers a more verifiable means of authentication than the living human iris – vastly superior to fingerprint, hand geometry, facial or voice recognition. Iris recognition is fast, reliable, provides certainty and remains stable throughout one’s life.

Only the iris provides over 240 distinguishing characteristics — colors, patterns and unique crypts that cannot be replicated – making iris recognition the most reliable biometric measurement science available today.

  • Unparalleled accuracy in real time authentication environments
  • Fewer false rejections
  • Fewer false acceptance rates:
    • 1-in-1.5M for one eye
    •  1-in-Up to 4 Billion for two eyes
  • A faster, non-invasive and totally hygienic authentication method
  • Mitigates card loss, Usernames and PIN fraud
  • No attributes or behaviors to counterfeit

Facial Recognition Solutions

LineUp Facial Cataloguing

LineUp is an exclusive software solution from Vigilant Solutions that is designed to monitor existing IP video surveillance cameras for purposes of facial cataloging.  Each video frame is analyzed for the presence of a human face and thumbnailed for later retrieval by location, date or time parameters.  In addition to facial cataloging, LineUp also offers near-real-time monitoring of watchlists via an integration with Vigilant’s FaceSearch facial recognition solution.

Leverage Existing IP Cameras, or Vigilant’s own intelligent camera, to create another layer of security in your downtown area, airport, retail center, campus, jail, or other location. Enhance the utility of existing cameras and make the data more useful and easy to access.  Save hundreds of hours scanning video and improve efficiencies in investigations.

Easy to use reporting allows you to quickly pull a virtual “lineup” based on location, time and data parameters.  Search across multiple locations, send LineUp images to FaceSearch for matching against watchlists and/or your gallery, create PDF’s or output to other needed formats for case files or for email to others involved in the investigation.

A simple interface and versatile alerting allows for faces from one or more cameras to be monitored live within the interface, and matched in near-real-time against a number of watchlists that you manage.  Watchlists could include VIP’s, persons banned from a property, employees, or other persons of interest to law enforcement or security.

FaceSearch Facial Recognition

FaceSearch is an easy-to-use, facial recognition solution that works

Available via the web, on mobile devices, and as a PC-based application, FaceSearch was developed by Vigilant to deliver a functional, scalable and affordable solution like no other.  Hosted in the cloud, FaceSearch offers easy importing and integration capabilities, along with pre-populated face image data from Vigilant.

Over 350 facial vectoring algorithms are at the heart of Vigilant Solutions’ FaceSearch.  Rather than making use of commercially available facial recognition engines, Vigilant leveraged its experience in image recognition to develop these new facial vectoring algorithms in-house.  Why? – to benefit you in terms of accuracy, speed, and flexibility in deployment.

Available on multiple platforms, FaceSearch offers flexibility for a wide range of applications.  A web interface provides access from any web browser, a PC-based enrollment system is perfect for prisoner intake and/or security checkpoints, and the Mobile Companion smartphone app provides ultimate portability. Additionally, an integration with Vigilant’s LineUp provides near-real-time monitoring of IP video cameras against one or more watchlists.

A simple interface with lots of image data is a recipe for success.  FaceSearch’s intuitive interface is enabled by millions of pre-populated face images from Vigilant via registered sex offender, CrimeStopper and other websites.  The ease of uploading local data and/or integrating to another system makes FaceSearch a useful tool for any agency.